Topline Syndrome: Why a cold back in a horse is just a symptom

If only I had known earlier

Many problems of the horse start small. And can become a long-standing ordeal. This also applies and especially to physical limitations of the horse and the resulting grievances in the relationship between horse and rider.  If a horse shows health restrictions or if it does not allow itself to be ridden as desired, this is often based on changes in the natural geometry of the horse. The so-called Topline syndrome.

The overbuilt horse, a severe ewe neck, pelvic obliquity, injuries to the sus­pensory ligament, kissing spines and many other issues may be present when a horse is suffering from a weak back. These symptoms are avoidable in most cases if they are dealt with early enough.

In this book, Birgit Volesky sums up her experience from over 10 years of prac­tice in osteotherapy and with horses. These have led her to the understanding that 90% of horses have similar functional problems. If these problems are solved, then you can establish a basis from which you can make a sensitive start to working with the horse.

The book will help you:

  • Raising your awareness of existing problems
  • Listen to your horse’s signals
  • Make an assessment of your horse’s building yourself
  • Identifying the cause of recurring problems 
  • To draw links to common diseases

For example, you will learn:

  • How to detect on the standing horse whether the load-bearing capacity decreases
  • Why the spine is so important for the horse’s health
  • What is the impact of Topline syndrome
  • How Topline syndrome can be related to common diseases of the h
  • What behaviors Topline Syndrome entails

About Birgit Volesky

Birgit Volesky is a german equine osteoptherapist who specialises in topline syndro­me. The aim of her work is to identify early on when a horse is having pro­blems, because at this stage it is easy to deal with many potentially serious problems. The horse’s well-being and performance can be maintained.

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