Topline Syndrome

Warum die Rückenschwäche des Pferdes nur ein Symptom ist

Neu- Erscheinung

If only I had known that sooner

Many of a horse’s problems start small. And can be the start of years of suffering. This also, and especially, applies to physical limitations experienced by the horse and the resulting obstacles encountered in the relationship between horse and rider. 

If a horse exhibits physical limitations, or it is not possible to ride him in the desired manner, it is often due to changes in the natural geometry of the horse. This is known as topline syndrome.

Findings from thousands of osteotherapeutic treatments

Our book Topline Syndrome – Why a problem with a horse’s back is just a symptom brings together findings resulting from several thousand osteotherapeutic treatments. From our experience we can assure you that 90% of these problems have the same cause. 

The book will help you to spot problems with your horse quickly, and to treat them promptly. This allows you to carry out your own initial assessment of your horse: you can still seek professional advice.

See for yourself and turn yourself once more into a trustworthy partner for your horse. 

The book will help you to:

  • heighten your awareness of existing problems
  • listen to the signals your horse gives you
  • carry out your own assessment of your horse’s conformation
  • recognise the root cause of recurring problems 
  • understand a connection to regular ailments

 You will learn, for instance:

  • How to recognise on the standing horse whether the weight-bearing capacity is decreasing
  • Why the spine is so crucial to the health of the horse
  • What the impacts of topline syndrome are
  • How topline syndrome can have a connection to common ailments in the horse
  • What behaviours can occur as a result of topline syndrome

Über die Autorin Birgit Volesky

Birgit Volesky ist Osteo- Therapeutin für Pferde mit Schwerpunkt Topline- Syndrom. Ziel ihrer Arbeit ist es frühzeitig hinzuweisen, wenn es zu Problemen beim Pferd kommt. Denn in diesem Stadium sind viele folgenschwere Probleme des Pferdes leicht zu lösen. Das Wohlbefinden und Leistungsfähigkeit des Pferdes kann leicht erhalten werden.

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