How it all began…. Basic ideas of the treatment concept of HORSE ENERGY®


Most of the time, the things that initially come across as so random are ingenious in practice. This was also the case with HORSE ENERGY®. We met at that time about the horses and realized very quickly that we work according to the same principles and basic assumptions in the blockade solution. This was rather surprising for both of us at first, as it was usually assumed in the treatment of both humans and horses that you only had to strengthen your back, then all the problems would be over. But from our point of view, exactly the opposite is happening.

We met spontaneously to treat Birgit’s mare FINI according to these principles together on the superficial muscles. It was an attempt at how she would react. And it was magical to see how strongly Fini responded to these interventions. That’s how it started.

We have summarized our knowledge from the treatment area of horse and human and researched it further and further. The joint exchange of ideas and experiences has further deepened our findings and opened the way to our treatment concept. In the treatment method of humans and horses, there are similarities, which we have coordinated and transferred to each other. The goal is to have a balanced, efficient and healthy body, regardless of age.

There are classic signs in horses and also in humans that indicate a structural problem. We have set ourselves the task of recognizing them and treating them by their cause. This is how our form of therapy was born. The spine as a pivotal point must first and foremost be brought into balance. If the spine is not in balance, this can be seen very well in humans by shoulders of different heights, in horses by the shape of the topline. The body’s center of gravity shifts. This applies equally to humans and horses and this has an effect on the interaction of the entire body.

A imbalance of the spine is caused by the deep muscles of the back. To be more precise, through the tension programs of the deep muscles of the back. It leads to further tension of the superficial muscles and has far-reaching effects on movement and health. We see that the tension programs of the deep muscles of the back play a central role. These muscles cannot be moved willingly, but serve to stabilize and protect the spine. We know this. from whiplash as a result of a rear-end collision. There, exactly these deep muscles “close” so that the spinal cord remains intact.

Only with the loosening the body does not always do so easily. But also everyday routines (often under stress) ensure that these muscles lead to incorrect postures. Here, too, almost every person now has problems that more or less limit him.

Through movement and stretching alone, the tense muscles can often no longer be released by themselves. Incorrect exercises can even make the problem worse. Thus, the first focus of our treatment is to release the tension programs of the deep muscles of the back in order to rebalance the spine The muscles that lie directly on the vertebrae are loosened. Only then can the superficial muscles be successfully and sustainably solved and problems or pain alleviated.

HORSE ENERGY® connects horse and rider. When both bodies have optimum mobility and are free of pain, a better and healthier life is possible.


Madlen und Birgit

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