Come with us on the path to creating a better world for the horse and for us.

Shared idea

We met through our horses. Madlen works as a Personal Health Coach for people, and Birgit as an Equine Therapist. It didn’t take long before we each found ourselves impressed with the other’s knowledge and practical work. We started to carry the approach over into our therapy. In the beginning we investigated simply because we were curious, but later because we realised how good and long-lasting the effects were. We always took into consideration the fact that the methods needed to be adapted to the particular features of the organism in a person or a horse. Using this approach we achieved results fast, and now we present it as a package which we pass on to interested horse owners.

Madlen Dorandt

“My professional career has been influenced above all by what was lacking in the nursing job for which I originally trained. There was no time in that for the human aspect, or for the integrated view and treatment of the patients. But I am someone who questions everything and always wants to know more. Particularly about correlations, how and why something happens – from the illness to the cure.

At some point the route to prevention became more important to me. Nowadays, as a coach, I offer my experience from numerous training courses focusing on the improvement of performance and movement, pain reduction, sports, and nutrition. The overriding aim is to keep people fit and pain-free, and therefore healthy, well into old age. To me, a physical limitation doesn’t mean that the situation has to remain unchanged for an entire lifetime. There are always ways and means to make the best of life, and to improve it. My approach in every case is to find individual solutions.

I met Birgit Volesky through my daughter’s horse, and I trained as a HORSE ENERGY® Coach with her. We very quickly realised that there were many ways in which what we did overlapped, and that we could learn an enormous amount from each other when it came to both equine therapy and treating people. We each contribute something, and the result is something bigger.”

Birgit Volesky

“It all started with Navall. He was the first horse I owned, and in the 15 years we were together his plans were totally different from the plans I had. Instead of sharing my wish that he should become a competition horse, he came into my life to open my eyes and to determine the path I was going to follow. Thanks to Navall I got involved with equine therapeutic approaches for the first time, and entered a world that was new to me. It was the start of my life as a therapist, and the trigger for founding HORSE ENERGY®.

I have now been specialising in equine osteotherapy for more than 12 years. I pursue a holistic approach to activating the energy in the individual animal. It is my belief that problems always have a physical cause. Fundamentally, by their very nature, horses want to cooperate with us, and these symptoms are the last way that they have of passing the message onto us. The earlier the causes can be determined, the easier it is to prevent serious symptoms.

With HORSE ENERGY®, the book Topline Syndrome, and training courses for horse owners and horse lovers, I want to (re)sharpen the sensitivity to the subtle ways in which the horse can pass on these messages and to open people’s eyes to problems that stand in the way of the shared successes of the horse and rider. For horses in balance.”

Birgit Volesky und Madlen Dorandt: Das Team von HORSE ENERGY®