Horses love to work. If they don’t, there is always a cause!

Horses outside and free – the mission of HORSE ENERGY®

Our mission: re-building horses

There is always a cause!

Do you have the feeling that you aren’t able to make the most of your horse’s potential? Maybe your horse even rears, bucks or trips? Does he have problems with his breathing, stifle, shoulder or back?

These signs could be symptoms of more serious problems.

Recognise warning signs promptly!

The sooner the better

With our Re-Building Horse programme, we help you to help yourself and we enable you to push your horse’s RESET button. This means you can prevent potential long-term consequences.

Horses with head shaking: Prevent longterm consequences

With the HORSE ENERGY® training course you can achieve results for yourself, even from day one.

This is what we offer:

Ideal for

Because of the way they are kept and used, 90% of all horses today suffer from physical impairments. Many people in the horse world have become accustomed to this sight. We at HORSE ENERGY® see it as our job to reopen your eyes to problems that are all too obvious. The aim is to enable your horse to enjoy a better, healthier and fitter life. 

the mission is a healthy horse with HORSE ENERGY®