With a HORSE ENERGY®Coach training course you can achieve results for yourself, fast, right from day one.

“Your hand has the power to hurt me or to heal me. Look into my eyes to the heart of my soul and choose to heal me.”

– Magrit Coates –

Start your path to becoming a HORSE ENERGY®Coach with us and work on the horse’s performance yourself. For better, lighter riding, for your horse’s health, for a healthy relationship between horse and rider – and above all for happy, balanced horses.

In our HORSE ENERGY®Coach – Primary Focus MuscleRESET® and HORSE ENERGY®Coach – Primary Focus ToplineRESET® courses, we equip you with the skills to release blockages, bring horses into balance and to stimulate your self-healing powers. Many everyday problems that affect riding or health can be solved with these skills. The earlier the better!

Become a part of the HORSE ENERGY® network – we look forward to spending time with you!

Our training courses

ToplineRESET® Basic

In this basic component of the training we first learn the ToplineRESET® technique on the human body. The structure of the spine and the interrelationships with the musculature and fasciae and holistic therapeutic treatment enable you to understand and use ToplineRESET®.

ToplineRESET® Advanced

You now understand the basics of ToplineRESET® and have gained an overview of the holistic interconnections that are essential for a healthy body. With our ToplineRESET®Advanced training course you go a step further and learn how you can help your horse to regain his balance and recover his natural geometry.


In this training course you will learn an effective programme that releases the horse’s muscles in a targeted manner so that the horse’s back is able to develop. With the MuscleRESET® technique we work on the causes of tension patterns in the muscles and fasciae, because this is the only way to achieve results in the long term.